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Come on in for a free consultation.


We'll use our modern technology to scan your bite and review your treatment plan with you.


You'll then get your custom clear aligners and we'll monitor your progress all the way!

Start Smiling in 3 Easy Steps

Choose a better smile with Reveal®

Created by industry experts — Reveal® is a uniquely clear aligner made for people whose priority is a truly invisible aligner. ​


Our specially trained dentists in Harrison Township and Chesterfield will create a custom treatment plan based on your oral health and needs. Choosing a professional for aligner therapy means you have a trained doctor to help you achieve the aligned bite and beautiful smile you've always wanted. 


Reveal’s advanced aligner design offers exceptional clarity, stain resistance, and helps reduce the need for unsightly attachments so you can smile with crystal-clear confidence during treatment. Plus they're hand-finished for velvety edges,

Reveal® has helped straighten ~100,000 smiles, and our Harrison Township and Chesterfield offices would love to chat with you to see if you're a candidate for treatment.


Unique Aesthetics

Go about your daily routine unnoticed and make your first impressions count with one of the clearest aligners available.



With payment options and multiple ways to reduce your aligner costs, Reveal is an affordable solution for most patients.


Expert Guidance

Reveal® is an aligner solution that works with dentists to ensure safe tooth movement and beautiful, lasting results.

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