As we transition back into seeing patients in the office, we want to assure you that your

health and well being are our top priorities. In order to keep both you and our staff safe

from the potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus, we have put several important

measures in place, as recommended by the CDC.

  • Our entire clinical staff will be wearing top level of PPE available in the market.

  • Staff will be screening patients with temperature checks upon entry to the building.

  • We will provide hand sanitization upon entry and throughout the office.

  • Social distancing throughout the office including limited and spaced seating in lobby areas.

  • We may ask that you wait in your car, and we will come get you for your appointment.

  • We are to avoid hand shaking at this time.

  • We are asking patients to come alone to the visit if possible.

  • Rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each visit.

  • Our entire facility will be continually cleaned and sterilized throughout the day.

  • We are asking you to wear a mask to our offices.

  • We will ensure all patients answer basic health screening questions prior to your visit.


Our Dental Advice:

  • Remembering that prevention is key with dentistry, we encourage all patients to return to their normal frequency of visit to insure larger problems such as tooth loss or root canals are prevented.

  • Dental care with regular visits is connected to the health of your body as a whole.

  • Dental pain is a sign that a problem has went unaddressed too long, and thus please do not wait until you are experiencing pain to make an appointment.

Our Commitment to You:

Our dental offices have always been one of excellence and we believe in going above and beyond for our patients. During this difficult time, we have been doing absolutely everything possible to insure your safety at our office and how best to treat each of you upon return.

We have always observed universal precautions and the utmost in sterilization and cleanliness. PGS Dentistry is without question one of the safest places you could visit! Please call us to schedule your dental visit and your return to optimum oral and overall great health!

Health Screening Questionnaire


Prior to entry, visitors, including patients, must complete a Health Screening Questionnaire/answer health screening questions. In addition, a visitor must comply with the PGS Coronavirus Protocols as outlined below. As a visitor to our PGS offices, your participation is important to help us take the precautionary measures to protect you and everyone at our facilities. Thank you for your cooperation.


Office Protocol for Your Next Appointment

Prior to appointment:

  • Whenever possible, health history updates will be emailed to patients two days prior to scheduled appointment or patients can fill them out at

  • We will ask for a credit card for the file for any necessary co-pays.

  • PGS will schedule any necessary future appointments.

  • We will confirm the protocol for the day of their appointment:

    • Patients will be asked to call the office to check in for their appointment once they arrive.

    • They will be asked to remain in their vehicle until we call them into the office.

    • We are also asking that patients wear a mask into the office and to limit extra companions on their visit (essential people like parents, caretakers, drivers)

    • Patients will fill out the health screening questionnaire/answer health screening questions before their appointment.


Day of appointment:



  • Patients can enter the waiting room as normal; both building entry and PGS entry doors will be propped open.

  • A sanitation station will be set up in the vestibule. Patients will be asked to sanitize their hands. If a mask is not worn, one will be provided. Our staff will take the patient’s temperature (less than 100.4) and do a verbal health screening.

  • We will ask patients to take a seat in the waiting room (all seats will be placed 6 feet apart) and wait to be called in by a staff member.



  • Our Parking Lot will be utilized as the “waiting room”. Patients should call the office prior to entering the building to check in for their scheduled appointment. At this time, we will also ask screening questions and let patients know if the dentist is ready for them to enter the building. If not, we will call patients in when the dentist is ready.


Upon entering the building, we will set up a second entry point in order to take temperatures and ready patients for their visit before entering the building. Our vestibules will be used in Chesterfield and Romeo and our porch will be used in Marysville.

  • Entry doors will be propped open or opened by our staff.

  • Our staff (wearing masks and gloves) will confirm the patients are wearing masks or provide them one if they need it. The patients’ temperatures will be taken to confirm it is lower than 100.4. If the patient’s temperature is elevated above that, we will confirm next steps with our dentists.

  • The doors to the waiting room will be propped open and our staff will direct patients to the hand sanitizer station and then be taken to the appropriate room.   


Patient Check Out

  • Staff will keep patients in their room until they verify with the front desk that they are ready for check out.

  • Patients will future appointments and pay co-pays if that wasn’t done when they made their appointment.

  • We will inform the patient on how to exit the building.

  • Once the patient exits, our receptionist will sanitize the check-out counter, pens, credit card terminal, and any other surfaces that were touched with gloves and CaviWipes.

Sample Patient Check In 

Dr. McCloskey Discusses PPE